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From: Dale Cyphert (
Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 14:14:00 PDT

I ponder myself, now and then, why I do stay subscribed to XMCA when I
have so few opportunities to get involved in a thread. Garnish on the
spam is a rather nice way of describing it, actually.....more to ponder!

My spam filters are very well trained, as a matter of fact, so there are
only two things that come in to distract me from all that dreary work.
One is xmca. (The other is dumb stuff from my co-grandmother, but
that's another story) the real question, "why do we lurk?" Why do we go to the dance
just to stand on the side? Why do we watch the game long after our
bodies won't let us play? Why do we read the cover of the Star in the
checkout lines? Why do we read Brian Greene's books when we have no
hope of engaging in the research? I'm still pondering. I have no
answers at all.


Mike Cole wrote:
> Thanks for posting that media history piece, Linda. I am teaching the
> introduction to Communication this quarter, starting with 1984 and
> ending with ,.,..;. well, 2014 would do as a date. If others are
> interested, I am sure happy to discuss. We have a lot on the
> table/sreen, but people appear distracted by more important, local matters.
> Noting a glitch on xmca's way of listing members (the real members are
> not on the members page which is mostly a relic of the past, strewn with
> dead links, while the real membership is visible by cliking on the
> blinking sign on button), I was struck by how many people were signed
> up for xmca from whom we never hear. Since the web discussion is
> available in a treadeddiscussion archive and is so convenient that way,
> I am puzzled why people would want to be receiving xmca mail they have
> no intention of responding to mixed in with their daily spam. Maybe
> xmca is spam garnishing?
> What do you think, as Eugene was want to say in an earlier life?
> mike
> PS-- I hope it was clear that it was Ana who wrote the butterfly poem.
> I may have inadvertantly mis-posted. Only the butterfly stragglers
> inhabit our garden today.
> On Apr 3, 2005 9:11 AM, *Polin, Linda* <
> <>> wrote:
> Here's a 'paper' worth discussing, or at least viewing:

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