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Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 14:39:51 PDT

What does it mean to be pro-life? A catch phrase, almost a battle cry,
that touches some people and blinds them to everything else:
complexities of human situation, effects on other people, scientific
findings... In the same breath, they can be against "abortion" and for
the "capital punishment". And it makes sense to them. And then you have
people who know how to use this catch phrase, this battle cry to achieve
some other goals. Goals which have nothing to do and may be contrary to
the meaning of "pro-life". You almost feel like a spectator in a theater
seeing how the affects develop in the opposite directions and you wait
for them to reach annihilation and the point of termination. And you
pray that the termination will be in the form of the social catharsis --
not social destruction.

> Ana
A consistent pro-life position could be anti-abortion, anti-death
penalty, and anti-war, The recent Shaivo carnival was full of so many
contradictions. As Governor of Texas, GW promoted and signed a bill that
permitted hospitals to pull the plug if financial means are not
available. Shaivo was being kept "alive" through aspects of medicare
that GW wants to get rid of. Shaivo's parents were using legal means
that would be prohibited under GW's tort reform. A 6 month old african
american boy was taken off life support with strong parental objections
because his mother lacked financial means.

What did Rush say the other day, "I hope the liberals are happy. They
now have blood on their hands. They murdered a defenceless women who did
nothing to them. Just watch em now, they'll rally to save some murderer
or rapist from being excecuted".

I do agree with Thomas Frank that much of this is economic populism with
no meaningful outlet. Just look at Truthout's Red State Road Trip series They all start out with stating
hell ya we voted for Bush. When pushed for important issues they state
universal healthcare, living wage, out of Iraq etc. Hmm, pretty
pathetic when Bush wins on those issues.



> Mike Cole wrote:
>> Breaking away
>> Breaking away
>> stealing thoughts
>> cutting edges and
>> turning around.
>> Hippity-hop!
>> I cannot stop.
>> Butterflies, jellyfish,
>> marzipan sweet,
>> snap dragon flies
>> sprinkled with sand.
>> Breaking away
>> over the wires
>> under the radar
>> covering tracks.
>> Hippity-hop!
>> I cannot stop.
>> Butterflies are blown northward
>> to the San Joaquin valley in profusion.
>> Orange, black, white fleeting lives,
>> Flying, blowing north.
>> Breaking away
>> gently destroying
>> remembrance of life before.
>> Today the butterflies in our back yard crowded our beautiful
>> purple flowers. Not yet blown away on their
>> trip north. Heather appreciated the thoughts. Their lives are so
>> short!
>> Today Pope John Paul the 2nd died. They say he promoted pro life
>> and pro social justice policies. It is an
>> occasion,along with the furor over Terry Shaivo, for all of us
>> to re-think what it means to be pro-life and pro-poor.
>> David tried to get us to think about this issue earlier this
>> week. Apparently his comments did not resonate. Might
>> they evoke more externalized reflection the second time around?
>> mike

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