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Re: education, technology & chat


I'm about to make this a major project, especially as I'm about to hit
Sydney for a month. I'll report back on the audio side of this issue when I
can. There's more to classroom discourse than IRF, and we need to work out
ways of getting at it.

Thanks again for opening up your work for this multidimensional discussion,
ensuing battles and all!

.  It works great for interviews, and is horrible for group
> discourse at a table when the rest of the class is noisy.  I'm not sure if
> it's the compression method or what, but I get much better audio with
> cassette.  I'm looking into table mics and could benefit from anyone's
> suggestions.
> In this math case, since the discourse is IRF, there is only one person
> talking at a time and i think i've got something useful.  I'll process it
> tomorrow while traveling and will know better then.
> Yes, the discourse is important to my study.  The challenge is capturing
> something useful.