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RE: Civil War vs Election

Concerning what Judy wrote:
> Peter, do you have a source for your statement that Jews vote(d)
> overwhelmingly democratic? i am assuming that the statistical picture would
> be more complex -- & show, for instance, perhaps, a generational, if not
> occupational, divide... Some of the neocons who shaped the international
> policies of this administration were once left-y Jews (Wolfowitz &??)...
> They used their old Idealism (things CAN be different) in the service of (?)
> adult ego-centrism (?) (i.e., the world would be a better place if it
> behaved and thought like us) to design US imperialism.
> Well, I'm uneasy about sending this off, but in the spirit of Veterans Day
> and trouble-making, I will....
> Judy

There many US citizens living in Israel (with dual nationality). Although the
Bush-dynasty is notoriously known for it's antisemitism and Nazi alliances (cf.
Prescot Bush the grandfather of George W.), Bush is less harmful for Israel than
Kerry and that was the salient reason why many Democrats in Israel and their
families back in the US voted for Bush.

Alisa Levy

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