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Re: education, technology & chat

Hmm. Mediational results of research tools; tools which are so often
unproblematically included. Thanks, Bill, for foregrounding this. Depending
on how important discourse is to your project (and mine, which it is, he
sneaks in), I wonder what technologies might avoid goofballing and
hawthornes? I haven't yet found an "ethical " way to do this with adult
language learners. Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry to get too practical in this wonderful discussion that is illuminating
Davydovian theory in a most concrete sense. Thanks to bb for sharing.

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From: "Bill Barowy" <xmcageek@comcast.net>
And recording group audio in a noisy classroom is not easy.  There's a whole
lot of hawthorne effect that equipment has on kids this age.  While I can
stand and observe and write my brains out and the kids htink nothing of this
except occasionally to ask what i'm writing, a video camera turns them into
total goofballs.  We have a decoy camera (one that no longer works) that we
leave on the camera mount  whenever we are not videoing with the real camera
so a camera is always there to see.