RE: Document Library @ CH SIG website

From: Eugene Matusov (
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 19:00:11 PST

Dear Mike-

I wonder if the info can be put on the XMCA page

Thanks for direction to Bob Siegler's page.

Take care,


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> Subject: Re: Document Library @ CH SIG website
> Thank you Eugene, for the information. It is now available in several
> places. Where do you think we should provide it on xmca web page? Your
> advice would be appreciated.
> In order to follow the larger conversation about how to post what where,
> check out Robert Siegler through google. He represents one of the more
> deviant practices, but only along one dimension.
> Nate-- how would you/do you characterize the reproduction/distribution
> issues within the marxist list?
> mike

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