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Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 20:15:53 PST

Hi Kris,

How could I take a look at your classroom protocol? Any chance? I am
trying to put together what there is in the field on classroom


Quoting Mike Cole <>:

> In a note to me, Kris made a brief comment about notes so far, which
> she
> has been reading with what she claims is great interest. :-) Despite
> feeling
> sub-par, she said the following might be forwarded to xmca.
> mike
> I often think the term script that I
> used was unfortunate cuz it invokes a lot of unintended things. It
> relates
> to my work on classroom discourse in which I identified patterns of
> discourse that were prevalent across the tons of classrooms I have
> studied.
> They were the ubiquitous recitation patterns; I call it a script as
> it has
> certain properties. I also identified two other discourse patterns I
> called
> responsive and responsive/collaborative. But what was most
> important is
> that none of these scripts is monolithic and there is a range of what
> counts
> as each. I actually developed a classroom protocol instrument that
> has been
> fairly good as a gloss for determining the social organization of
> learning
> =-the discourse pattern in particular. But I don't know if this
> stuff is
> useful at all to the discussion.
> Part of the work was an attempt to document empirically what one
> really
> means by recitation (beyond the IRE), etc. I try to resist broad
> generalizations that recitation is bad and other scripts are good as
> it
> depends on a range of things. If one is to known the affordances
> and
> constraints of these pedagogical spaces, I think you have to be
> specific
> about what the discursive moves are.. Anyway, I post when more stuff
> is on.
> But do keep me posted. Kris

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