overlap-- one story

From: Mike Cole (mcole@weber.ucsd.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 20:09:50 PST

Regarding overlap between xmca and ch-sig, no signer.

There is a good deal of overlap in interests. Cultural historical theorizing
being an obvious one. AERA TENDS (but goes beyond this tendency in its better
moments) to focus on formal schooling. XMCA is interested in the role of
history, phylogenetic, cultural-historical, ontogenetic, and microgenetic
in development, mostly focused on the ontogentic level, but also extending
"up and down." So, studies of collaborative work, which might turn up in
some circumstances at AERA, are fully a part of the purview of xmca.

(One person's account. for the real truth, see following corrections to this

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