The Fifth Dimension


5th Dimension/UClinks Program

The Fifth Dimension/UCLinks Program is a network of (mostly) after-school programs that connects community children with undergraduates from local colleges and universities in a mixed activity system that combines education, play, and peer interaction. This work has been in progress for 26 years.

The four overarching goals of the Fifth Dimension/UCLinks Program are to: (a) provide contexts for children to master knowledge and a wide range of skills important to their lives: (b) to provide settings in which undergraduates from disciplines such as teacher education, developmental psychology, and communications have opportunities to connect theory with practice and deliver services to children: (C) to create sustainable activity systems in different institutional settings that increase our understanding of the combination of social processes that constitute sustainability of successful social innovations: (C) to deepen our understanding of how the social and individual create each other in culturally organized social practices.

Links on this page can take you to different resources for finding out more about the activity.

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The Fifth Dimension

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