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[xmca] imagination/creativity and so on (A)

Mike, you stated:  "Perhaps the proper way for me to proceed is to generalize Peter's approach based on VVD's work and create a set of activities for kids aged 9-10 that will give them a proper, object-oriented, generalized, and reflective understanding of number." I would agree, for many reasons. Perhaps there is really only a long-term approach. I cannot imagine that there is a short-term approach to the problem you mention.
I don't know, but I do believe that in trying to help all of your 4th graders, it is important to focus on their needs. Here are two beliefs: (1). Within a Vygotskian understanding, it is very important to "climb" to a higher level of discussion than the problem, to reach an answer. (2). Truly, I believe that we have not begun to try and establish teacher training, or teacher workshops in the USA, within a truly Vygotskian perspective. It is not totally individual answers and individual approaches that we need....but a truly collective approach that reaches up to the Obama Administration....if there ever was a time for this, it is now! I am referring to your specific problems with the 4th graders. In some parts of Brazil, there is a model of a team approach to problem solving, where they get together and read texts in Russian psychology and interprete those texts, and then try to apply theory to praxis....it is a face-to-face approach. I think that
 many of us internationally are working alone, trying so hard to connect with others, wanting our views to be validated....I know there are teams working together in the USA and other places, and I really honor that....But, by trying to solve the problem at the problem level, which I have been reading on our listserv, I would argue that we need to have a higher focus....without teacher training and workshops, single individuals cannot do what they so wish. Believe me, I am stuck with these problems on a different level with the children of the working homeless, in a very progressive setting....I tried to operate at the individual level with staff, and it will never work for me. We have to have a deep believe in our tradition, and offer many teacher training workshops... My thoughts only....if wrong, I do apologize.

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