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Re: [xmca] imagination/creativity and so on (A)

OK. So, how do we find he resources and how do we keep from sacrificing
another generation "for the future?"

Still cannot find even *one* reference to this issue in the ed psych
literature or xmca. Long term solutions aside, this fact i find pretty


On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Dot Robbins <drobbins72000@yahoo.com>wrote:

> Mike, you stated:  "Perhaps the proper way for me to proceed is to
> generalize Peter's approach based on VVD's work and create a set of
> activities for kids aged 9-10 that will give them a proper, object-oriented,
> generalized, and reflective understanding of number." I would agree, for
> many reasons. Perhaps there is really only a long-term approach. I cannot
> imagine that there is a short-term approach to the problem you mention.
> I don't know, but I do believe that in trying to help all of your 4th
> graders, it is important to focus on their needs. Here are two beliefs: (1).
> Within a Vygotskian understanding, it is very important to "climb" to a
> higher level of discussion than the problem, to reach an answer. (2). Truly,
> I believe that we have not begun to try and establish teacher training,
> or teacher workshops in the USA, within a truly Vygotskian perspective. It
> is not totally individual answers and individual approaches that we
> need....but a truly collective approach that reaches up to the Obama
> Administration....if there ever was a time for this, it is now! I am
> referring to your specific problems with the 4th graders. In some parts of
> Brazil, there is a model of a team approach to problem solving, where they
> get together and read texts in Russian psychology and interprete those
> texts, and then try to apply theory to praxis....it is a face-to-face
> approach. I think that
>  many of us internationally are working alone, trying so hard to connect
> with others, wanting our views to be validated....I know there are teams
> working together in the USA and other places, and I really honor
> that....But, by trying to solve the problem at the problem level, which I
> have been reading on our listserv, I would argue that we need to have a
> higher focus....without teacher training and workshops, single individuals
> cannot do what they so wish. Believe me, I am stuck with these problems on a
> different level with the children of the working homeless, in a very
> progressive setting....I tried to operate at the individual level with
> staff, and it will never work for me. We have to have a deep believe in our
> tradition, and offer many teacher training workshops... My thoughts
> only....if wrong, I do apologize.
> Best,
> Dot
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