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Re: [xmca] intonation and meaning

In Cantonese there are many devices that are available to modify the
nuances of meaning.
For example, you can use particles like '啩' [gua-] and '咩'[me¯\ ] to
express incredulity.
e.g. "唔係啩?" --> "It's not true, is it?" (Are you sure?)
e.g. "喂!你赶住投胎咩?!" --> "Hey! Are you in a hurry to get reincarnated?!"
(Why are you rushing and knocking onto me?!)

But you certainly can make utterances with normal relative-intonation
to express sarcasm.
e.g. "你好嘢!" --> Lit: "You good thing!" (You got me this time, next
time I'll get you!)
e.g. "咁好介绍" --> Lit: "such a good recommendation!" (Yeah, yeah!
Thanks, but no thanks.)

Given the plethora of choices, I still don't know if Cantonese
speakers prefer non-intonational means for expressing irony.
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