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Re: [xmca] a minus times a plus

Jay Lemke wrote
> This idea of organizing all the representations, or realizations
> in Sfard's terms, of the system of the integers into one coherent
> scheme is of course attractive. But we should ask WHY it is
> attractive? and to whom? Culturally it has been argued in our recent
> history, by postmodernists, that such Master Narratives are part
> and parcel of a particular ideology.
> ...

I thought it's just a child's natural curiosity (instinct?) to try to
make sense of the world.  Maybe when people grow up, they get more
erm ... complicated.  What do we tell the child then?  "Shut up!  and
calculate!" like we tell the physicists?

Jay Lemke wrote
> Forgive me, but I find myself nearing the limits of language as a medium
> here. I need some pictures, if not an animation!
> What ever happened to the plans for a next-generation xmca where we could
> have more than text??

But still, somebody has to do the donkey work of hanging the bell on the
cat.  OK, OK, I get the hint.

   do, do, do, doodledy dooooo. ...
   converting to pdf ...
   trying to attach it to this message ...

did you guys "get it"?

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