[xmca] If all hopes are lost for establishing a more workable social system , then please tell me where A.N.Leontyev has gone wrong with his definition of "Personal Meaning"

From: varnam soupend <heidizulfai who-is-at yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Feb 17 2008 - 08:07:11 PST

  Thank you .
  As for the bolding , the only thing I can do is to resend my "Personal Meaning" file which is in doc. format as an attachment ; If you still receive it without the "bolding" , Bruce will be kind to tell me what to do . It's apparently the technical device that removes the variations !
  Please continure to enjoy your reading of Martin Packer's thought-to-be very interesting topic as well as content , unfortunately I'm still calling to every corner of xmca's webpage , Laurence Earlbaum etc. to catch up with you in reading and enjoying ; alas ! to no avail yet . Bruce ! What's this "A non-text message was scrubbed" and "private ....." thing ?
  As to the answers to your masterfully-devised questions , in hours , please !

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