Re: [xmca] If all hopes are lost for establishing a more workable social system , then please tell me where A.N.Leontyev has gone wrong with his definition of "Personal Meaning"

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Date: Sun Feb 17 2008 - 15:32:42 PST


No trouble opening your file and finding the bolding. Could you remind us of
what the context is. What is the source of the non-bolded text? Some (Marxs
writes: This thought.....) is quotation from
Marx? Or Leontiev? Sorry to have lost the thread. I know I need to be
working forward from Martin's article to Paul's (?) initial response, and
maybe that is all you have to tell me to do to get properly

My overall impression is that the discussion of development and learning,
David Kellog's posts with examples of neoformations and developmental
change, and related discussion have been very
productive, but require pulling out of the larger stream of discussion and
synthesizing. I hope to be able to do that myself before the entire topic
slips away, but like many of us, struggle to balance
the discussion here with in-my-face-local demands.

Thanks for sending the doc file to keep things moving.

On Sun, Feb 17, 2008 at 8:07 AM, varnam soupend <>

> Mike
> Thank you .
> As for the bolding , the only thing I can do is to resend my "Personal
> Meaning" file which is in doc. format as an attachment ; If you still
> receive it without the "bolding" , Bruce will be kind to tell me what to do
> . It's apparently the technical device that removes the variations !
> Please continure to enjoy your reading of Martin Packer's thought-to-be
> very interesting topic as well as content , unfortunately I'm still calling
> to every corner of xmca's webpage , Laurence Earlbaum etc. to catch up with
> you in reading and enjoying ; alas ! to no avail yet . Bruce ! What's this
> "A non-text message was scrubbed" and "private ....." thing ?
> As to the answers to your masterfully-devised questions , in hours ,
> please !
> Heidi
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