[xmca] Another Claim That LSV Did Not Originate the ZPD

From: David Kellogg <vaughndogblack who-is-at yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 08:41:51 PST

Last night I was reading the new book by M.E. Gredler and C.C. Shields, "Vygotsky's Legacy: A foundation for research and practice" (New York and London: Guilford Press).
  On p. 84 they write:
  "Vygotsky referred to the second diagnostic task as that of identifying the child's ZPDs (p. 201), a concept from Ernst Meumann and other psychologists."
  The p. 201 reference is apparently to vol. 5 of the Collected Works. There is no reference to Meumann and of course nothing to "other psychologists".
  This is not the first time I've seen the claim that LSV did not originate the ZPD. We find similar in
  Gillen, J. 2000: Versions of Vygotsky. British Journal of Educational Studies 48 (2), 183-198.
  And also in Peter Langford's book:
  Langford, P.E. 2005: Vygotsky¡¯s developmental and educational psychology. Hove and New York: Psychology Press.
  But neither Gillen nor Langford actually named a name. Does anyone know anything about Ernst Meumann and why he might be considered the originator of the ZPD?
  David Kellogg
  Seoul National University of Education

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