Re: [xmca] Another Claim That LSV Did Not Originate the ZPD

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 12:36:31 PST

Thank you for the interesting question, David. And, thank you Peter for the links to E. Meumann. This was so enlightening for me, as I did not realize people felt that
  Vygotsky was the sole originator of the ZPD. In Mind and Society, Vygotsky also speaks about Dorothea McCarthy (in the 1978 book, p. 87). "The American researcher Dorothea McCarthy showed that among children between the ages of three and five there are two groups of functions: those the children already possess, and those they can perform under guidance, in groups, and in collaboration with one another but which they have not mastered independently. McCarthy's study demonstrated that this second group of functions is at the actual developmental level of five-to-seven-year-olds......"
  A few years ago I read two articles by her I thought were most interesting:
  *McCarthy, D. A. (1929). Note of the vocal sounds of a blind-deaf girl. Journal of Genetic Psychology, Vol. 36, pp. 482-484.
  *McCarthy, D.A. (1930). The language development of the preschool child. Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press.
  warm regards to each of you,

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