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From: John Martin <regardingjohn who-is-at>
Date: Sat Jan 19 2008 - 11:12:59 PST

I would be *very* interested in seeing an article about the effects
of the Elkonin-Davydov curriculum! I don't think I'd be able to
contribute to it, but I'd love to read it!

- John
John Martin
Games, Learning, and Society Group
Educational Communication and Technology Program
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Wisconsin, Madison

On Jan 19, 2008, at 12:55 PM, Elina Lampert-Shepel wrote:

> Mike et al,
> I am interested to explore and contribute. I am involved in a several
> studies right now that address the issues under discussion. I am in
> teacher
> education right now.
> On a different note, I would like to ask for advice. I have been
> recently
> revisiting the whole idea of Vygotskian's learning and development
> because
> of my incoming class reunion in New Yok. Why is it relevant? Well,
> we were
> the last graduates of the school laboratory #17 in Kharkov, Ukraine
> before
> the school was closed( One of two school laboratories where the
> initial
> experiment in development of curriculum based on CHAT, my
> specifically on
> learning activity theory was developed). In other words our elementary
> school experience was Elkonin-Davydov curriculum. While planning this
> reunion and speaking to a number of my classmates wholive now all
> over the
> world I realized that everyone still refers in every conversation
> to our
> learning experience and how it impacted our lives. 30 years after the
> graduation. This experience made me revisit the old Davydov's claim
> that if
> students in elementary school develop theoretical thinking as
> abilities to
> analyze, reflect, model, and plan while becoming agents of learning
> activity, the newly formed higher psychological fucntions will
> impact the
> development of a whole person. As far as I know there were no
> studies that
> adressed this claim. Do you think "30 years after the experiment"
> data/ study/article will be of any interest?
> Thanks,
> Elina
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