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I would love to read such an article!


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Mike et al,
 I am interested to explore and contribute. I am involved in a several
studies right now that address the issues under discussion. I am in teacher
education right now.

On a different note, I would like to ask for advice. I have been recently
revisiting the whole idea of Vygotskian's learning and development because
of my incoming class reunion in New Yok. Why is it relevant? Well, we were
the last graduates of the school laboratory #17 in Kharkov, Ukraine before
the school was closed( One of two school laboratories where the initial
experiment in development of curriculum based on CHAT, my specifically on
learning activity theory was developed). In other words our elementary
school experience was Elkonin-Davydov curriculum. While planning this
reunion and speaking to a number of my classmates wholive now all over the
world I realized that everyone still refers in every conversation to our
learning experience and how it impacted our lives. 30 years after the
graduation. This experience made me revisit the old Davydov's claim that if
students in elementary school develop theoretical thinking as abilities to
analyze, reflect, model, and plan while becoming agents of learning
activity, the newly formed higher psychological fucntions will impact the
development of a whole person. As far as I know there were no studies that
adressed this claim. Do you think "30 years after the experiment"
data/ study/article will be of any interest?

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