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Date: Mon Jul 30 2007 - 14:15:56 PDT

Losing all was winning's cost!
Eternally owned is but what's lost!
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On 2007-07-30, at 22:49, Leif Strandberg wrote:
> Yes,
> Ingmar Bergman is dead and I am a bit astonished over my sadness.
> During my formative years (the sixties) - we, the young left in Sweden,
> hated Ingmar in every aspect we could find; "He was bourgeoise", "He
> was obsessed with God and Death", "He was very far from the
> Vietnam-movement", "His admiration for Germany and Hitler during WW2
> was bad" etcetera etcetera
> we saw every film he made!!
> we were touched by what we saw!!
> How come?
> I think - it was THE METHOD of Bergman's work that was fascinating.
> When he worked it was really "emotion at work" (which also is one of
> our conversations on XMCA this summer).
> Bergman could really set the stage and create interactions that made it
> possible for the actors (and the rest of the staff) to perform a head
> taller than they were - (we who have seen the same actors in other
> movies not directed by Bergman can confirm that). I think Bergman was
> brilliant in creating Zones of Emtional Development (he was not an
> Intellectual director - he was a sensitive performer (though he was
> well prepared), he set the stage, the room, the colors, the music and
> then he invited the actors to feel and perform. His dialogic style with
> his actors (yes, they were HIS actors) was something special.
> Perhaps our conversation about emotions can learn something from Ingmar
> (he was BTW very exact when spelling his name 'Ingmar': in Sweden
> almost every Ingemar spells his name Ingemar, but Ingmar was Ingmar!)
> It is late here in Sweden, but I think I'll go and see some
> Bergman-DVD - I have them :-)
> Leif
> Sweden
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