RE: [xmca] Elections for CH-SIG Officers for 2008-2010 -- reminder

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I vote "Yes" for the whole slate!
I think it's a wonderful slate, and am grateful that talented people
care enough about the SIG to support it. But I suspect the instruction
to "just click on the 'reply' button and send a 'yes' or 'no' for the
whole slate" will end up making each vote a mailbox filler for the
listserv membership. Perhaps another technique would be better.

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This is a reminder to please VOTE in this election!! Let's have at least
40% of people vote of those who are on the CH-SIG's current member list.

So far I have 14/230 votes. :(
It is very easy to do it: just click on the "reply" button and send a
"yes" or "no" for the whole slate.
All the best (and sorry for duplicates or if you already voted) Ana

  Elections for CH-SIG Officers for 2008-2010

Dear Colleagues,

The period for nominations is now closed (except for a treasurer).
These are the nominations we received for the future officers of CH-SIG
for 2008 - 2010 .

(short descriptions of the nominees are attached):

_President (chair): _

Vera John-Steiner

_Program Coordinators:_

Lois Holzman

Kevin O'Connor

_Awards Committee_

Chair: Karen L. Riley

Members: Christine Greenhow

                            Lisa C. Yamagata-Lynch


/We do not have a nomination for a future treasurer and I urge you to
send your nominations (or self-nominations) as soon as possible/.


There are no competing nominations. We have only one chair, two program
coordinators and a few members of the Awards Committee.

I propose that they all be elected as nominated.

I need at least someone to second this proposal -- please send it by
"reply to all".

After we get a second, please send your votes for this proposal by
replying with a "yes" or "no" as soon as possible and please do not
remain silent!!!

all the best

(apologies for duplicate e-mails)

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