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Date: Fri Mar 16 2007 - 16:05:35 PST

Hi Mike,
I definitively think that European universities might fit these needs
better than US ones. In many European universities (I think of
Britain, Germany and France) you don't have to go through a master
degree as a part of the same ph.d. program but can come with a master
that is earned elsewhere and many times acknowledged as a proper
degree. In the US many programs force you to start anew. In Europe
courses are in many cases minimal and emphasis is, indeed, on the
dissertation work. Because of that, the main thing is to find a
welcoming and good advisor since the most of the postgraduate
education rests on him or her instead than in a program. Problem is
that, of course, money in Europe is scarcer than in the US and it is
very difficult to get proper funding if you come from abroad. An
intermediate option is to look within the US european-like programs
who has a minor emphasis on course work, although they still require
you some time of residency. If Europe is not an option, these
programs, commonly at big research, in many cases private,
universities, might work.

On Mar 16, 2007, at 6:27 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

> Dear Colleagues--
> I have had a few inquiries from people who have had bachelor's
> degrees for
> some time
> or masters degrees in some relevant field who are interested in
> finding a
> grad program
> (in education, psychology, communication, sociology -- the range of
> disiplines spanned by
> CHAT approaches) that would not make them go back to square one but
> would
> count their
> social capital and allow them to get a phd by writing a thesis and
> perhaps
> doing minimal
> additional work.
> UCSD is very up tight about such arrangements, but how uptight
> differs by
> department. I am
> wondering what the range of options is out there in XMCA-land. Are
> university departments
> in other countries perhaps different in this way than the US?
> (Canada? Great
> Britain? Denmark?
> Finland?.....
> Could you post your answer to xmca? I am pretty sure the concern is
> not
> entirely parochial.
> mike
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