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In my unit, I'm not aware of anyone who's bypassed the coursework and gone
straight to thesis. And I agree with the policy, because I believe the
courses are valuable. We do have a relatively low number of required
courses--mainly, 4 research courses of some kind. These may include research
apprenticeships with individual faculty members, which we also require of
each doctoral student.


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Dear Colleagues--

I have had a few inquiries from people who have had bachelor's degrees for
some time or masters degrees in some relevant field who are interested in
finding a grad program (in education, psychology, communication, sociology
-- the range of disiplines spanned by CHAT approaches) that would not make
them go back to square one but would count their social capital and allow
them to get a phd by writing a thesis and perhaps doing minimal additional

UCSD is very up tight about such arrangements, but how uptight differs by
department. I am wondering what the range of options is out there in
XMCA-land. Are university departments in other countries perhaps different
in this way than the US? (Canada? Great Britain? Denmark?

Could you post your answer to xmca? I am pretty sure the concern is not
entirely parochial.
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