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Two years ago in London I attended the play "The Talking Cure" by Christopher Hampton based on the relationship between Sabina Spielrein, Jung and Freud. I believe it is still playing occasionally in short runs in various cities - the old link still exists and may serve as a starting point if anyone is interested.
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Yes, I had the book published in USA. The book consisted of documentary
material, her diaries and papers that have been found and published by an
Italian psychiatrist from the Italian revolutionary circle of psychiatrists.
Sabina is from wealthy family of Russian Jews, she was in Switzerland and
started to study medicine. She met Jung because of her emotional problems.
She met Piaget for Piaget was interested in Psychoanalysis, he wanted to
experience it directly and in the book is the conversation between him and
Sabina. After revolution she returned to Russia and initiated Institute for
Child Psychoanalysis with Luria. In early 90ties I asked my American friend
to find the book and he sent it to me. The book is fascinating and I read
it. Unfortunately, the war in Yugoslavia started and I forgot to whom I gave
the book that I never got back. It was 14 years ago and I am so sorry that
I can not help more, because I do not remember the name of the editor, nor
the publishing house, year when it was published. I hope that it could be
found. It is worth searching.

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> She did all that. She was also the cause (reputedly) of the break
> between Freud and Jung, She was Piaget's analyst, and, I think,
> perished in the holocaust. I think that she had a hand in starting the
> Moscow Psychoanalytic group with Luria and Vygotsky (there some
> reference to that, I think in The Vygotsky Reader). She had started
> this whole saga as Jung's patient (details muddled but there is a
> story there).
> Quite a woman!
> On 12/29/05, Lois Holzman <> wrote:
> > Echoing wishes for the new year, I also have a query:
> > The current NYC showing of a 2002 film, My Name was Sabina Spielrein,
> > brought this psychoanalyst to my attention. It would seem that she and
> > Vygotsky or Luria might have known each other (she lived at the same
> > started a psychoanalytic center in Moscow, worked with Piaget, etc.).
> > anyone know?
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> > Lois
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