Re: [xmca] The past becomes the present.

From: zdravo (zdravo@EUnet.yu)
Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 09:56:21 PST

Lina, Yes and you helped me to say that there are different interruptions.
It is really good when we are faced with interruptions that happened within
this network (Harold Pinter, Sidney and Mc McCarthyism) and will happen
again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. The fact that any conversation
could be interrupted by such events is promising not only for participants
involved but for building Extended Mind.
You also wrote about interruptions related directly to your work experience.
I also wrote about interruptions caused by war, ethnic violence, NATO
bombing and what was our response to that.The historical and cultural
approach of Lev Vygotsky did help us to transform "to be or not to be"
dilemma into "how to be". His study of children's play is fascinating and
helped us to build common activities with children, adults, elderly etc.

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