RE: [xmca] The past becomes the present.

From: Lina Kostarova - Unkovska (
Date: Mon Dec 19 2005 - 15:21:55 PST

Dear xmca’ friends,

These “interruptions" of our discussions on development, with real
life examples of violation of basic human rights /Sydney; Mc
Carthyism etc./ that some of you brought, reminds me of the daily
conditions of our work, where we keep trying to protect development,
despite, or because of continually adverse conditions. Often very
restrictive and discouraging, such conditions that prevail and leave
little space for community growing, slightly become /although
contradictory/, the only challenge for development.

For me it is also interesting how this particular group of people is
ready to make immediate response to the ongoing destructive events,
leaving behind the conceptual, tools and methods concerns. Actually,
I see a huge difference in facing and dealing with those conditions
in different parts of the world; while some people know how to
organize themselves, and do act upon it; and now matter of the
outcomes, they do interact on the issues, providing a great support
to each other, world wide; the others stay isolated and stuck in what
they are experiencing, have no will, no hope, no technology to get
out of closed circles, and to do something for the community...

Great part of our work is actually on creating the opportunities for
their voices /children's and teachers'/, and on creating the
community arena for their choices, and on the believes that such a
thing is possible and realistic in community under continual pressure
and risk... but this is another subject.

I follow all the discussions, so far, being not so visible, but I do
enjoyed, and also had rare opportunity to read few very interesting
articles, due to this group... thank you a lot.

                                                  regards, Lina

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> Dear BB,
> Scary links, particularly the present one...
> Just CNN announced "tapings will continue", by Monsieur George.
> How bad things are going!
> David
> David D. Preiss Ph.D.
> Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
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