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Date: Tue Dec 20 2005 - 07:55:34 PST

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Subject: Decision Posted

Judge Jones' Memorandum and Order in this case has been docketed and
posted to the Middle District of Pennsylvania's web site here.
Due to high interest in this case, expect delays in loading the PDF of the
opinion. Web response may be slow, or even unavailable at times if volume
is as high as expected. Please be patient.

Those with PACER access and/or a Middle District of PA ECF login and
password can use PACER or ECF to view the docket sheet and the Memorandum
and Order, docket number 342 in case 04-2688. Normal PACER and ECF fees

A printed copy will be available for perusal in each of our Divisional
Offices. Those wanting a printed copy of their own will be charged the
usual .50 per page [69.50 for the 139 page document].

Thank you
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