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And then there is the performance of "overimitiation" -- did you see the
report of a study in today's NY Times?
Apparently, chimps will imitate unnecessary steps if they can't see that
they are unnecessary -- but use a transparent box and they "edit" and only
imitate the steps that get to the goal. Kids, though, imitate the whole
megillah. Transparent box or not. The article speculates why but I am
guessing the performance people will entertain other possibilities...


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Mike, Yes!!!!!
That's what occurred to me and Newman in the early 90s. In two ways < one
that is coherent with Cazdan's performance before competence and with
Vygotsky's learning leading development. The other is (perhaps) more
profound, namely, that thought being completed in the word isn't restricted
to oneself as the completer but that others complete for adults
for babbling babies in the endless little language games they play. I find
this kind of performatory conception of learning very exciting and
satisfying. Have I said enough for you to see whether you resonate with it?


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> I am mulling over how all this fits together with a methodology that
> performance. I have the intuition borrowed from many that it is an
> instantiation of a practice that emodies the idea
> that the thought is completed in the word. But I am still puzzling.

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