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   He, he!! what a wonderful approach to understanding discussion,
   Tamara. Well done! ... though your voices may well have more to say on
   the matter ... ! How did you and your classmate feel after performing
   the dialogue? Did you have something you wanted to add at the end?
   At 12:45 PM 7/12/2005 -0800, you wrote:

     hello I am a graduate student at UCSC in the Education
     department. As part of the culmination of out CHAT class this
     I wrote a sort of mock dialogue in part, as a response to the
     debate over Anna Stetsenko's paper.
      and "performed" it with a classmate. I am still relatively naive
     about many of the issues posed in what I understand as a debate
      intentionality ( maybe in the Bakhtinian sense?)
       but nonetheless maybe
     someone would want to peruse the enclosed:
     You might say this is my attempt at a yes and,
     On Dec 4, 2005, at 6:57 AM, Lois Holzman wrote:

     Let's welcome some new folks ó L= ina Kostarova-Unkovska from
     Volker Bunzendahl from Denmark, Leif Strandberg from Sweden, and
     Ognjenovic from Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. For starters,
     maybe each
     can share some of what their work involves, how they see it as a
     form of or
     related to CHAT or certain characteristics of CHAT, and whatever
     else they
     think relevant and interesting to this group. Depending on how
     active the
     conversation becomes, Iíll step in to say some things about the
     US-based All
     Stars Project youth programs, and invite people to read an article.
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