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First read Andy's Meaning of Hegel's Logic
Particularly sections VI and VII where he discusses Life, cognition and the

Then go to Hegel's Science of Logic and review Section III (The Notion),
Chapter 1 (Life) sections 1645 to 1651 (sections 1652-to 1677 are also
interesting) and Chapter 2 (Cognition) 1677 to 1684

Lenin also has interesting and relevant things to say about Life and
Cognition in his Annotations on Book III (The Notion) of Hegel's Science of
Logic from Lenin's Collected Works Vol. 38 pp. 164 -238.

To compare these to Ilyenkov's works I'd suggest looking at Dialectics of
the Abstract & the Concrete in Marx's Capital (1960) Especially Chapters 2
and 3, the first 3 sections.
And his Dialectical Logic (1974) Section 2 chapters 7, 8, and
It's also worth looking at his Concept of the Ideal (1977) from
paragraphs 106 right on to the end.

I hope this helps
Victor Friedlander-Rakocz
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> Victor,
> You wrote:
>> the concept, is a gambit that is in fact a subjective challenge to
>> objective social practice (the idea is Hegelian though Hegel as an
>> idealist had a much more restricted concept of the negating effect of
>> the concept than that implicit in Marxian dialectics).
> I find this comment extremely clarifying (with respect to the ongoing
> discussion) and exciting. Could you perhaps provide references for
> further reading on this? In what works/sections would you say Hegel
> touches on this? Do you have any papers that expand on this comment?
> Also, I'm wondering whether this idea was really refused by _all_ Soviet
> dialecticians...
> Peter
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