[xmca] concept as gambit

From: Peter Moxhay (moxhap@portlandschools.org)
Date: Thu Nov 10 2005 - 09:25:21 PST


You wrote:

> the concept, is a gambit that is in fact a subjective challenge to
> objective social practice (the idea is Hegelian though Hegel as an
> idealist had a much more restricted concept of the negating effect
> of the concept than that implicit in Marxian dialectics).

I find this comment extremely clarifying (with respect to the ongoing
discussion) and exciting. Could you perhaps provide references for
further reading on this? In what works/sections would you say Hegel
touches on this? Do you have any papers that expand on this comment?

Also, I'm wondering whether this idea was really refused by _all_
Soviet dialecticians...


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