[xmca] RE: Questions for ISCAR

From: Ana Marjanovic-Shane (ana@zmajcenter.org)
Date: Sun Sep 11 2005 - 12:49:59 PDT

I thought this question went to the whole list, but it ended just in
Mike's box. Here it is again:

    My question is the interaction between different activities: what can be
    "taken" from one activity to another? (Old question of the universals)
    Also: what can be created only in a combination of several activities.
    This is what I mean: we all participate in more than one activity all
    the time. Is it possible to learn something in one activity and then use
    it in another? In other words: what does it mean to "transport" a
    way of
    acting, behaving, or thinking from one activity to another?
    And - what is a product only of participating in a certain
    combination of activities at the same time?

    In my workshop in Sevilla I will explore interaction between the
    "imaginary" and the "real" -- passing through in and out, and the
    relationships between the two -- and what are the outcomes of this

    See you in Sevilla

    Mike Cole wrote:

> You have a question about ch/at you might want answered during
    your trip??
> A shame Helena could not come, and odd about that symposium. Odd
> the whole
> setup!
> See you in Sevilla.
> mike

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