[xmca] Practical question about Sevilla

From: Carol Macdonald (macdonaldc@educ.wits.ac.za)
Date: Sun Sep 11 2005 - 11:09:43 PDT

Hi guys-
A few weeks back one of our helpful comrades told us how to get to the
conference site by train and bus, instead of by bus/taxi. Can someone
repeat that information again, if possible? It would be most helpful.
Thank you
PS There is such a large number of participants, judging from the
programme-is it possible Mike, that we could congregate sometime to meet
each other in the flesh-the XMCA-ers, that is?
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Subject: [xmca] Questions for ISCAR

Here are the questions we have so far plus one from me.

1. Leading activities: transitions from one to another; what categories or
methods prove useful for some leading activities but less so for others; how
to tell if an analysis works differ depending on the leading activity being
studied? What happens to contemporaneous "non-leading" activities?

 2. How should we understand the relation between monism, marx, & Spinoza?

 3. How can language (Discourse mode?) be a tool for developing critical
thinking among urban poor school participants?

 4. some question about work activity (I am guessing, Helena), or maybe,
what happened to your exciting symposium idea!
 5. My question is about intervention studies. What do we know about the
influence of relative power between interveners and those
who are being "helped" on what transpires? This could be reformulated to as
"who is the agent in intervention studies and who
profits from them?"
  Who goes next? The world map is telling us that plenty of us have plenty
of questions! And those of us going to Sevilla have several
days to seek answers and report back about what we did or did not find.
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