[xmca] Invitation to participate as SIG reviewer

From: Polin, Linda (Linda.Polin@pepperdine.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 10:14:24 PDT

Dear Friends,

As the deadline for submitting proposals for AERA draws near, I find
myself pondering that lower right vertex of the mystical pyramid of AT:
division of labor. Yes, this is yet another chance for you to
participate in actively mediating the CHAT knowledge base, at least as
it appears at AERA. Last year we had a very small turnout for volunteer
reviewers, and some who did step forward to shoulder the workload were
not the most experienced. I was deeply appreciative of their efforts and
interests, but I would also like to see wider participation from among
our more experienced members. Well, one can always hope, and this email
is an attempt to appeal to any latent desire to rule the world, or at
least (CH)AT.

Please take a moment to volunteer to review for our 2006 Program. Your
help is needed and will be appreciated! Remember, these are proposals
you'll be reading; they are short. You can read two whilst lingering
over your morning grandé percent latté, no foam, extra hot.

Sign up to be a reviewer today. Here's how:

1. Got to the Annual Meeting page and log on as a member at
http://www.aera.net <http://www.aera.net> /
Under the pic of the Golden Gate Bridge, choose the last link Volunteer.
you for your member number and password. Forgot it? You're not alone.
Type in your email address and you login will be sent to you within

2. You will end up on the Edit Your Record page (at least, I did). You
can make changes in your personal info if needed. Then click
Click here to Submit a Proposal or Volunteer to be a Chair, Discussant
or Reviewer

3. A wonderfully click-ilous interface takes you to another page where
you can click on
Volunteer to be a Chair, Discussant, or Reviewer.
We're almost there. Hang on.

4. This will bring you to your profile. Here, you are asked to situate
or locate yourself in the landscape of AERA generally, and CH SIG
specifically, by entering citations of relevant publications and
descriptors (keywords describing areas that you would be
willing/interested in reviewing). When you have completed the profile
(or updated it), click VOLUNTEER. I use this, in part, to match
reviewers to proposals.

5. Click the button labeled Volunteer, located in the lower right

6, Not quite there yet. On this next screen you will see a list of all
AERA Divisions and SIGs. Click on CULTURAL HISTORICAL SIG (alphabetical

7. En fin, this takes you to a screen where you can indicate your
willingness to review (or chair or discuss). Please indicate a number of
proposals you are able to review. Two would be nice. Three would be

8. At the end of your final volunteer report screen, be sure to click
"Accept Continue"

We need your brain... and labor. Help beat the bushes so we can bag some
game for San Francisco.

Your e-pal and program chair,


Linda Polin, PhD
Professor of Education
Director, EdD in Educational Technology

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