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Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 17:04:06 PDT

You are correct, Linda, we rarely remember our AERA numbers. Thank god for
small things.
I am awaiting mine and will volunteer to read. Wonder where AERA will be?
Not likely they
will settled the strike in SF.
 Meantime, I can get to read proposals. And so can most of XMCA.

 On 7/25/05, Polin, Linda <> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> As the deadline for submitting proposals for AERA draws near, I find
> myself pondering that lower right vertex of the mystical pyramid of AT: *division
> of labor.* Yes, this is yet another chance for you to participate in
> actively mediating the CHAT knowledge base, at least as it appears at AERA.
> Last year we had a very small turnout for volunteer reviewers, and some who
> did step forward to shoulder the workload were not the most experienced. I
> was deeply appreciative of their efforts and interests, but I would also
> like to see wider participation from among our more experienced members.
> Well, one can always hope, and this email is an attempt to appeal to any
> latent desire to rule the world, or at least (CH)AT.
> Please take a moment to volunteer to review for our 2006 Program. Your
> help is needed and will be appreciated! Remember, these are proposals you'll
> be reading; they are short. You can read two whilst lingering over your
> morning *grandé percent latté, no foam, extra hot.*
> *S**ign up to be a reviewer today. Here's how:*
> 1. Got to the Annual Meeting page and log on as a member at
> Under the pic of the Golden Gate Bridge, choose the last link Volunteer.
> you for your member number and password. Forgot it? You're not alone. Type
> in your email address and you login will be sent to you within minutes.
> 2. You will end up on the Edit Your Record page (at least, I did). You can
> make changes in your personal info if needed. Then click
> *Click here to Submit a Proposal or Volunteer to be a Chair, Discussant or
> Reviewer*
> 3. A wonderfully click-ilous interface takes you to another page where you
> can click on
> *Volunteer to be a Chair, Discussant, or Reviewer.*
> We're almost there. Hang on.
> 4. This will bring you to your profile. Here, you are asked to situate or
> locate yourself in the landscape of AERA generally, and CH SIG specifically,
> by entering citations of relevant publications and descriptors (keywords
> describing areas that you would be willing/interested in reviewing). When
> you have completed the profile (or updated it), click VOLUNTEER. I use
> this, in part, to match reviewers to proposals.
> 5. Click the button labeled *Volunteer*, located in the lower right
> corner.
> 6, Not quite there yet. On this next screen you will see a list of all
> AERA Divisions and SIGs. Click on CULTURAL HISTORICAL SIG (alphabetical
> order).
> 7. En fin, this takes you to a screen where you can indicate your
> willingness to review (or chair or discuss). Please indicate a number of
> proposals you are able to review. Two would be nice. Three would be
> outstanding.
> 8. At the end of your final volunteer report screen, be sure to click *"Accept
> Continue"*
> We need your brain... and labor. Help beat the bushes so we can bag some
> game for San Francisco.
> Your e-pal and program chair,
> Linda
> Linda Polin, PhD
> Professor of Education
> Director, EdD in Educational Technology
> 310-568-5641
> <>
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