[xmca] Subscribing and unsubscribing

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 07:14:45 PDT

Folks-- Please do not send requests to unsubscribe to xmca. A lot of people
pay for
their access and stogage and nobody likes email they can do nothing about.

At present, UCSD is in the process of changing mainframes. One department
has been very slow
to act and the system is caught with two overlapping systems in a way that
systems managers cannot
keep changes made one place from undoing changes in another or causing
unanticipated changes.
Hence mail is sometimes slow, people removed from the system mysteriously
appear again, etc.

Be assured. all that can be done is being done. I am told that the
changeover will be done Aug 1. So
use your delete button or mark xmca as spam, or do what you like in the

AND when you have difficulties, please send notice of the problem to bjones
*at* ^ucsd^ dot EdU.


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