Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Vol. 25, Iss. 6, 2004

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Just thought that the last number of the JADP will be of interest to
many in this list. Please see below.
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Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology

<> of Applied
Developmental Psychology

25, Issue 6, Pages 627-769 (November-December 2004)
Developing Children, Developing Media - Research from Television to the
Internet from the Children's Digital Media Center: A Special Issue
Dedicated to the Memory of Rodney R. Cocking
Edited by P.M. Greenfield and S.L. Calvert
  Guest Editorial
          1. Electronic
-2&md5=881c38ecb29c8916831af6c8023ab67a> media and human development:
The legacy of Rodney R. Cocking
Pages 627-631
Patricia M. Greenfield and Sandra L. Calvert
  Empirical and Theoretical Articles
          2. Adolescent
-3&md5=bc6bd8f5f23e3aff9db95f5d18d0115c> Internet use: What we expect,
what teens report
Pages 633-649
Elisheva F. Gross
          3. Constructing
-4&md5=83a63510ebbade4b666e10d10cf3c523> sexuality and identity in an
online teen chat room
Pages 651-666
Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Patricia M. Greenfield and Brendesha Tynes
          4. Adolescence,
-5&md5=66af00129c900e625723969e6e319213> race, and ethnicity on the
Internet: A comparison of discourse in monitored vs. unmonitored chat
Pages 667-684
Brendesha Tynes, Lindsay Reynolds and Patricia M. Greenfield
          5. The
-6&md5=0422010c989af5b3d848972237de2f9e> search for peer advice in
cyberspace: An examination of online teen bulletin boards about health
and sexuality
Pages 685-698
Lalita K. Suzuki and Jerel P. Calzo
          6. Heroic
-7&md5=f572ded6b0a56b24724b513295107c69> DVD portrayals: What US and
Taiwanese adolescents admire and understand
Pages 699-716
Sandra L. Calvert, Katherine J. Murray and Emily E. Conger
          7. The
-8&md5=f426e84d0d635f9ef90275a5402c112e> impact of educational
television on young children's reading in the context of family stress
Pages 717-728
Elizabeth A. Vandewater and David S. Bickham
          8. Understanding
-9&md5=63e9f61a9e8ed208cf69dabcb77b8a47> media development: A framework
and case study
Pages 729-740
Barbara J. O'Keefe and Sean Zehnder
  Policy and Practice
          9. Inadvertent
-B&md5=64e6fc6e6b460e8e4ebb4a8cd904b56e> exposure to pornography on the
Internet: Implications of peer-to-peer file-sharing networks for child
development and families
Pages 741-750
Patricia M. Greenfield
          10. Developmental
-C&md5=98624194598c52a72c071ef728a7e907> considerations for determining
appropriate Internet use guidelines for children and adolescents
Pages 751-762
Patricia M. Greenfield
          11. Contents
-D&md5=071b37976ade78045d0292bf8dc46bcf> Index to Volume 25, 2004
Pages 763-765
          12. Author
-F&md5=8cd5734cdac1dcac102df6a68259181d> Index
Pages 767-769
          13. Editorial
-1&md5=6331647a0dd00c02921394c195df7c81> Board
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