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Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 09:13:52 PST

We have a similar discussion in England though no mention of circular
tracks at the moment. The report at is encouraging more
training for teachers in behaviour management combined with strong
leadership and close links with parents (i.e. get your kids to behave or
else). Be interested in what you think.


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 From my immediate (language) teaching context at a language centre,
that sounds like the people who come and ask what they'll learn in the
classroom that they won't learn outside it. That question is not very
easy to answer!

On 27/02/2005, at 11:15 PM, Kurt Squire wrote:

> As a former Montessori teacher, it seems pretty familiar. I remember
> one
> Montessori kid looking at a more traditional classroom and asking, but
> if they have to sit there all the time how do they get any work done?

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