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From: von Brevern Hansjoerg (
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 14:52:37 PDT

Dear Mike,

> George-- you misunderstood my intent regarding genetically primary example.
I did not mean a concrete, deweyesque, prottypical example of something,
but rather, a conceptual "germ cell" from which the full flowering of what
you are trying to grow could emerge.

I am so glad that you are saying this. It has initially always been my intent to look at a 'generic' model because a 'generic' model is more challenging though but has the advantage of wider applicability. The challenge of a most interesting discussion, I think, could be to think and discuss where boundaries would have to be (be it age, purpose [e.g, higher education, adult learning, etc.]). On the contrary, a concise example would be another approach and more practical to build up but since I am totally new to Vygotsky (though I am [trying to] reading hard), I appreciate every piece of advice. Actually, I have become so fascinated by Vygotsky and AT that I have overthrown all of my previous work. I was about to model a precise course construct with elements from objectivism, behaviourism, and constructivism and was about to embed it into a 'higher order' such as cognitive apprenticeship. But since I came across Vygotsky, I realised how much sense his thoughts make and how they give psychological and pedagogical validity while adhering to the rules of learning as they occur in our brain (neuroscience).

> Example. using 1+1 is a lousy way to start the teaching of addition because
it leads to too many false hypotheses about the conceptual domain. I think
in this case, reading Engestrom on Davydov or Davydov himself, or others
on xmca on Davydov (vasilli v) would be a good idea.

I have ordered a couple of books (Bedny and Meister; Content and structure : readings for college writers; International Handbook of Intelligence by Sternberg, Robert J.). Do you think you could possibly provide me with the references (names and titles, maybe ISBN) of the books above?

Anyway, I hope I am not disturbing formal discussion and I am sorry.

Best regards,

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