From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Aug 12 2004 - 13:48:13 PDT

I can't chase down all the threads re chat and design. I naturally believe
it can be used for design of human activities of all sorts, but that
takes us waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay afield. In the present circumstances, re a
course, the originating question has to be design for what and for whom.
What's the motive for the design activities?

George-- you misunderstood my intent regarding genetically primary example.
I did not mean a concrete, deweyesque, prottypical example of something,
but rather, a conceptual "germ cell" from which the full flowering of what
you are trying to grow could emerge.

Example. using 1+1 is a lousy way to start the teaching of addition because
it leads to too many false hypotheses about the conceptual domain. I think
in this case, reading Engestrom on Davydov or Davydov himself, or others
on xmca on Davydov (vasilli v) would be a good idea.

Anyone else reading Rommetveit?

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