death of A. A. Leontiev

From: Dot Robbins (
Date: Fri Aug 13 2004 - 11:54:00 PDT

Dear Friends,
It is with extreme sadness to inform you that Alexei Alexeevitch
Leontiev died on August 12th. He will be remembered with fondness and
great respect. He would have been 70 in 2006, and a group of us were
planning various events for this celebration: a Festschrift, a
conference in Moscow, a conference in Finland, and he was to come to
the United States in June 2005 for the AILA congress. The plans to
celebrate his life will continue, and I will keep you informed as
things progress. I am very grateful to have attended his lectures all
of last year, and to have spent most Sunday afternoons with him and
his family during my sabbatical in Moscow 2003-2004. Will later write
more on his life. If anyone would like to contact the family, I would
be happy to give you that information privately.
Alexei Alexeevitch will be remembered.

Dot Robbins

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