Re: a little more on the Panofsky article

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 13:42:25 PDT

Concerning the out of awareness issue, David. This has been studied and
written about. Courtney Cazden, who was the teacher in Bud Mehan's
*Learning Lessons* wrote about her chagrin at learning from analyses of the
tapes that she had been showing differential behaviors toward some of the
children in ways that she was not aware of. In this case, given her
commmittments, it was not disfavoring the poorer students of color, but
it was systematically related to class/ethnicity as I recall.

In his book with co-authors on "Handicapping the handicapped" Bud used the
method of showing teachers the tapes and inquiring about various behaviors.
There, as I recall, he found the phenomenon of two kids behaving in what the
analysts saw as "the same way" but the teacher interpreting one as a sign
of a disability. I do not know about the class/ethnicity connections there
but the book is well worth reading on any account.

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