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Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 14:10:44 PDT

Thanks a lot for the references, Mike! Will look for them!

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> Concerning the out of awareness issue, David. This has been studied > and > written about. Courtney Cazden, who was the teacher in Bud Mehan's > *Learning Lessons* wrote about her chagrin at learning from analyses > of the > tapes that she had been showing differential behaviors toward some of > the > children in ways that she was not aware of. In this case, given her > commmittments, it was not disfavoring the poorer students of color, > but > it was systematically related to class/ethnicity as I recall. > > In his book with co-authors on "Handicapping the handicapped" Bud > used the > method of showing teachers the tapes and inquiring about various > behaviors. > There, as I recall, he found the phenomenon of two kids behaving in > what the > analysts saw as "the same way" but the teacher interpreting one as a > sign > of a disability. I do not know about the class/ethnicity connections > there > but the book is well worth reading on any account. > mike >

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