Re: from Michael Glassman: 1973 article by Wartofsky on perception, representation, artifacts

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 03:25:05 PDT

Michael, you ask really interesting questions, will be able to respond
after this week, thanks for joining in.
- Steve

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>>From: Michael Glassman
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>>Subject: RE: 1973 article by Wartofsky on perception, representation,
>>Hello Steve and Victor,
>>I have been following your very interesting discussion about Ilyenkov and
>>ideality and I have a few questions that I am trying to grapple with. I
>>am hoping you guys can help me gain a better understanding.
>>1. Steve, what do you mean when you say Wartofsky's three types of
>>artefacts are dialectically related? Are you saying that human go from
>>recognition of one artefact to the next through the (shorthand) A, not A,
>>A' process and that is what allows us to recognize all three? Does this
>>mean that the third level of artefacts is in some way more advanced than
>>the first and second level? If so, what determines this hierarchy?


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