Discussion of Panofsky's paper and related papers

From: Phil Chappell (phil_chappell@access.inet.co.th)
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 05:09:05 PDT

Dear All,

Judging by the number of people who have emailed me for the late Basil
Bernstein's paper, and others who have commented behind-the-scenes on
Carolyn Panofsky's paper, there is relatively significant interest in
the discussion of classroom learning and constructs of "social class".

Carolyn Panofsky has said that she is happy to respond to questions,
comments and the like; she'll be joining (or re-joining) xmca shortly.
Her paper was circulated last week, and will also be put up on the
discussions page by Peggy Bengel. Harry Daniels has sent an electronic
copy of Daniels, H. (2001)Chapter 5 of Vygotsky and Pedagogy. London:
Routledge that will be posted to the discussions website too. Harry
will be travelling for a few days and will be happy to join in later in
the week and through the following week.

So, that's the logistics of this little operation out of the way. Can I
suggest that those who are interested read Carolyn's paper, then
perhaps dip into Bernstein's and Daniel's papers in whatever order you
feel? Also, Mike suggests: "If you use google search on homepage of
LCHC you will find 100+ messages, papers, etc."

Rather than launching into questions, comments at this stage, it might
be better to open the forum to all. Again, going by the "silent"
xmca'ers who have emailed me, may I suggest that we open the discussion
up to those in different educational contexts, both globally and
disciplinarily, so that a variety of voices may be heard?

And if this all fades away before it starts, so be the nature of human

Phil Chappell

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