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From: Eugene Matusov (ematusov@UDel.Edu)
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Dear everybody√

Bakhtin conference is in conflict with ISCAR conference!!!! I want to clone

PS See the ISCAR conference dates at http://www.iscar.org
PSS I can't see and read Russian words because they encoded in some strange

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The dear friends!
We inform you, that from September 20 till September 23, 2005 in
Russia, in city Орле - on a native land of Michael Михайловича
the first World congress бахтиноведов is held. We ask you to
about the consent to participate in a congress, to send the
application with the instruction{*indication*} of a subject, theses on
one page. Simultaneously we inform what to prepare for the edition
first release " Бахтинского of the bulletin ", in which you can take
part, having sent clause of volume one printed sheet. We ask about
to notify бахтиноведов of other foreign states. We shall be
if send us their addresses, which are available for you. The
can be sent in English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian,
Czech, Bulgarian, Polish languages. Our e-mail address:
val.iv.kostin who-is-at mail.ru. To the professor Костину Валентину

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