experience of the urban environment

From: Donatella.Capretti (Donatella.Capretti@ul.ie)
Date: Thu Feb 26 2004 - 08:52:10 PST

Hi all!
I'm a resercher assistant at the Interaction Design Centre of the University
of Limerick.
I'm currently involved in a project that aims to design new interactive
media in public spaces.
I' m looking for materials about the experience of the urban environments,
metropolitan life cultural differences, the ways in which new technologies
are affecting our experience of the city.

Could anybody give me any suggestions about these topics?

Since I have already tried to send this mail to the xmca mailing list, but
receiving no answer.

Could anybody give me further indications on the use of this mailing list?
Thank you!

Donatella Capretti
Interaction Design Centre

University of Limerick
Tel: +353 61 213556

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