Urgent Request!

From: Judy Diamondstone (jdiamondstone@clarku.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 07:51:01 PST

Dear members & friends of the CH-SIG

The urgent request referred to in the subject line of this emal concerns the
"hard questions" that we will use to frame the conversation between Yrjö and
Carol. Although both Yrjö and Carol share fundamental assumptions about
cultural, historical activity systems, their theoretical preoccupations and
actual practices are very different.

I would like to invite you to formulate 2 sets of questions for Yrjö and
Carol -- one focused on theoretical issues, the other on practical issues,
raised by the conjuntion of their two bodies of work. (For the sake of time,
I will do the work of synthesizing whatever is posted here to produce no
more than 3-4 questions to serve as a framework for the conversation.)


I would like to invite you to formulate questions that will 'get at' the
differences between Carol's cultural orientation and Yrjö's; between their
different approaches to the design of activities, and the ways their
different uses of CHAT might be relevant to doing future CHAT informed
research on and interventions in schools in the U.S.

What questions will help each of the speakers to explicate the way their
respective projects overlap and, yet, each exceed the other's?

What other sorts of questions would you like them to address beyond the
horizon I've alluded to above?

If you wish to review xmca conversations we've had about the work of either
of our guest speakers, go to

and sort by subject for each month. Maybe there is also a search function?

Thanks to all who take this request to heart and help to make this upcoming
event all it can be.


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