Business Meeting speakers

From: Judy Diamondstone (
Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 07:30:53 PST

Dear members and friends of the CH-SIG,

Last fall you voted to invite two speakers for our business meeting at AERA
who would be able to take on issues of diversity while addressing the topic,
"The role of CHAT in the future of education." I regretfully report that
both speakers we invited have had to turn down our invitation for personal
reasons (but note that, happily, Kris Guttierrez will still participate in
the mini-course).

In the interest of finding speakers at a relatively short notice AND
honoring the preference of the majority of voting members of the SIG, I have
invited two CHAT-informed researcher-scholars whose projects are markedly
different to participate in an informal conversation over a few
well-designed, hard questions. I chose participants who would be comfortable
in an "on-stage" public conversation with one another, capable of raising
and addressing challenging questions, and fully prepared to explicate
linguistic, cultural, racial, gendered, and other differences that make a
difference in real educational opportunity.

SO, for our business meeting, we will sponsor an informal conversation
between Carol Lee and Yrjö Engeström.

In case you have recently joined xmca, the work of both authors has been
discussed here. Carol Lee's article on cultural modeling in educational
software and other design frameworks, recently published in Mind Culture and
Activity, was discussed on this list in November of last year, and Yrjö's
work was discussed in the CHAT course, which is available online, and has
often been discussed on this list.

In a following email, I invite you to contribute to the framing of their

We are honored to sponsor what I hope will be a provocative and instructive
conversation between Carol, Yrjö, and members and friends of the CH-SIG.

for the officers of the CH-SIG

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