Bakhtin: Toward a methodology for the human sciences

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Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 11:27:55 PST

Dear Bill and everybody-


You can read Bakhtin's article where he outlined his view on new
"subjectivizing" methodology for social sciences at


Bakhtin, M. M. (1986). Toward
%20methodology%20of%20human%20sciences,%201986.pdf> a methodology for the
human sciences. In Speech genres and other late essays (pp. 159-172).
Austin: University of Texas Press.


Please share your observations and thoughts while reading this short paper.




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> > I think you are raising an important issue of monologic social science

> > describing (finalizing and objectivizing) people (report about THEM for

> > versus dialogic social science talking to and with the people (I with

> > about US). Bakhtin argued about such social science is not only possible

> > but highly desirable.


> That's pretty interesting to me Eugene, but I'm not familiar with Bakhtin.

> How did Bakhtin make dialogic social science happen?


> bb

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